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A Year in Your Garden

A brief guide to the most important things to do in your garden during the different seasons. If you’d like more expert advice and for us to give you a hand with all aspects of gardening, from general maintenance to a complete garden makeover, then get in touch.


your leeds garden in springPlant bulbs in borders and pots ready to deliver summer colour and scent.

Get to grip with weeds – by starting on this early, you can catch them before they take hold.

Prepare your soil – turn in some organic matter in order to reinvigorate the earth and ready it for planting.

Prune shrubs and roses – remove unwanted growth and anything that looks unhealthy and get your roses ready for bloom by snipping them into a nice bowl shape.

Spruce up your lawn – by raking, feeding and spot feeding so its’ ready to take advantage of the increasing strength of the sun to become lustrous again.


leeds garden in summer adviceWage war on blackfly and greenfly – you don’t have to use nasty pesticides for this, but can remove them with strong jets of water.

Bedding plants – once the first frost has passed.

Feeding frenzy – give your plants plenty of nourishment so they can make the most impressive growth spurts, use diluted tomato food and liquid seaweed to boost both plants and foliage.

Deadhead flowering plants regularly to encourage them to produce more flowers.

Provide support for young plants with cane or bamboo stakes and ties or clips.

If you have hedges or topiary, trim it into shape late into the season.

When to water – to avoid wasteful evaporation, water plants in the early morning and evening, not in the heat of the day.

Mow the lawn regularly, and during hotter periods leave the blades longer to protect the earth beneath.


your leeds garden in autumnStart preparing for winter by adding a warm blanket of compost to summer bedding plants.

Rake up fallen leaves and gather them into bags. Make sure the leaves are moist, then seal and punch holes in the bags. Next year the contents will have turned into fantastic soil conditioner or surface mulch.

Now’s the time to plant spring flowering bulbs, but wait a little longer with the tulips.

If you have a pond then you might want to put a net over it to save yourself trawling for falled leaves every week.

Prune back climbing roses once they’ve finished flowering.


your leeds garden in winterPlant fruit trees and bushes before it gets too cold and the ground goes solid.

Protect all the more delicate plants by moving them to the house or greenhouse throughout the coldest weather.

Make sure your pots are raised up on stones or bricks so that they have space to drain and don’t end up clogged and then frozen.

While they’re not in regular use, this is a great time to have your tools and lawnmower serviced and sharpened.

Any pots that aren’t in use can be scrubbed and stored in sheds or garages.